Counselling process

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Employee Counselling in Organisation

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The Counseling Process

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Scottish Covering all dynamics of relationships, counselling can be useful to discuss issues within universities, friendships and couples. Considering counseling as a mutual learning process, Willy and Andrew have said, “Counseling is a mutual learning process involving two individuals one seeking help and the other a professionally trained person helping the first to orient and direct him towards a goal which leads to his maximum development and growth in his environment.”.

Steps in the Counseling Process 1. Establish a safe, trusting environment 2. CLARIFY: Help the person put their concern into words. 3. Active listening: find out the client's agenda a) paraphrase, summarize, reflect, interpret b) focus on feelings, not events 4.

Counseling is different from opinion giving, sympathizing and offer to assist. They are help-oriented actions.

Counselling: Meaning, Techniques, Types and Problems

The prime responsibility of a counselor is to use his skills in such a way to create an ambience of warm acceptance where the person in front of him feels safe and confident. The Process of Counseling: The experience of counseling or psychotherapy varies depending on the counselor, the client, and the particular concerns which the client brings.

There are a number of different approaches which may be used to help with the concerns you hope to address. The counselling process is most effective when begun before the death and continued afterwards. This article describes the overall pattern of the counselling process. The actual techniques — how to conduct the counselling — are not given here but are covered as training progresses.

The key to group counseling effectiveness is to believe enough in the group process to allow it to work by releasing the power of the group through belongingness, cohesion, trust, meaningful self-disclosure, feedback, reality testing.

Counselling process
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