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May 08,  · Michael Fisher, ASL-English Interpreting major at Keuka College, performed his translation/summary of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" at the.

Unless otherwise noted, all selections from Julius Caesar in this study guide use the stage directions as found in the Folio. All line counts come from the Norton Shakespeare, Rhetoric: The Language of Persuasion Handout #10 – Brutus’s Exoneration Teacher’s Guide –.

Figurative language is a broad term that includes many writing techniques. In this lesson we will examine several examples of figurative language in William Shakespeare's ''Julius Caesar''. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a play by William is about the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC.

Shakespeare based his play on stories in Plutarch's Life of Brutus and Life of play was probably written in It was first published in in the First Folio, a collection of all of Shakespeare's plays.

Antony's vicious description of Lepidus, Cassius' resentful characterization of Caesar, Brutus's reference to tides in the affairs of men to spur action, Caesar's insufferable self-descriptions, Antony's masterful speech at Caesar's funeral, all of these make Julius Caesar not just a play of "one-liners," but a play of sustained eloquence.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. print/save view: Previous scene: Play menu: Next scene Act I, Scene 2. A public place. [Flourish. Enter CAESAR; ANTONY, for the course; CALPURNIA, PORTIA, DECIUS BRUTUS, CICERO, BRUTUS, CASSIUS, and CASCA; a great crowd following, among them a Soothsayer] Caesar refused the crown that it had almost choked

Language in julius caesar
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