Privity of contract reform

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Privity of contract

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What are limitation periods under UK law?

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The law concerning legal estates and beneficial interests in land

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It is awash into the court whence the venire jointed. The Contract Law comprises of laws and regulations that direct the enforcement of certain promises.

It deals with various types of contracts, enforceability, breach and remedies.

Contract Law

A Contract needs three essential elements in order for it to be valid and enforceable.; Offer (or Proposal) and Acceptance; Terms of Contract; Consideration; Intention to create legal relations.

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The aim of this legislation was fundamentally to alter the law in relation to the concept of privity of contract, in order to grant third parties who were not parties to the original contract certain rights.

The doctrine of privity of contract will be considered, and the effect on this of the C(RTP)A will be analysed. Reforms of doctrine of privity It is proposed to introduce the doctrine of privity in outline in Part A.

In Part B, the purposes behind the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act (hereafter “the Act") will be analysed in light of judicial criticism levelled against the privity doctrine and the Law Commission's proposals.

Part 7: Interpretation of Contracts

The first proposal to reform the doctrine of privity was made in by the Law Revision Committee in its Sixth Interim Report, which proposed an act of Parliament to allow third parties to enforce terms of a contract that specifically allowed them to do so.

The Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong was established in January The Commission considers for reform those aspects of the laws of Hong Kong which are referred to it by the Secretary for Justice or the Chief Justice.

Privity in English law Privity of contract reform
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