Svchost exe disk write activity

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Solved: svchost.exe (netsvcs) High PF & CPU usage

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svchost.exe file - What is it?

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Before you increase your virtual memory, check how much RAM happens to be. Svchost Exe High Disk Usage ★★★ Advanced Registry Optimizer Professional ★★ Fix, Clean. Aug 19,  · Its the "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" ( -k netsvcs) which is eating up your bandwidth.

In order to sort your bug just to the "Services". Lots of disk activity seems to be originating from (windows services host process).

svchost.exe: High CPU Usage on Windows 10 [Solved]

Now, this hosts many services, and can’t drill down to determine which service specifically is causing the disk activity! Aug 05,  · After installing Vista Business, whenever I download a file using http/ftp, i found out that the hard disk drive is almost constantly busy with its LED.

The read and write load on the disk in Kilobytes per second is already shown in its own column and displayed with a yellow background which becomes brighter the higher the activity. Click on the column header to sort by the most or least active. Jun 07,  · High Disk Usage (PC keeps freezzing) Started by idavid, At this point it appears to me you have a and that needs to be homed in on.

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Svchost exe disk write activity
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