Three dimensional structure of proteins

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Protein structure

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Protein folding

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Protein Structure

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Protein structure

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The three dimensional structure of a protein is often represented by the following type of figure. The continuous line represents the primary structure of the protein.; You should note that the primary structure has a is, there is a N terminal region of the protein and a C terminal region.; The curly sections represent alpha helical regions.

The correct three-dimensional structure is essential to function, although some parts of functional proteins may remain unfolded, so that protein dynamics is important. Failure to fold into native structure generally produces inactive proteins, but in some instances misfolded proteins have.

The Three-Dimensional Structure of a Protein: A depiction of the subsets of a protein structure. Related Links. Online Textbook: Proteins and Proteomics: Introduction to Protein Structure Related Terms: Active site Domain Protein structure Related Animations. The amino acid sequence of a protein determines its three-dimensional shape.

The structure of a protein can be described in several levels. The summaries below are based on definitions found in: Smith, A.D., et al., eds.

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. New York: Oxford University Press. Primary structure - the linear sequence of residues (amino acids) in a polypeptide chain.

Each protein has a specific chemical or structural function, however, strongly suggesting that each protein has a unique three-dimensional structure (Fig. ). The simple fact that proteins can be crystallized provides strong evidence that this is the case. Chapter 4: Protein Three-Dimensional Structure study guide by kmcdaniel includes questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

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Three dimensional structure of proteins
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