Write a program to find factorial of any number multiplied

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Above program has used same logic that is we are using as usual logic to find out the factorial of any number except instead of storing the data in the normal variables we are storing into the array.

Calculate the factorial of a number

1. Write a c program to find factorial of or very large numbers. 2. Write a c program to multiply the two very large number (larger the long.

C++ program to Calculate Factorial of a Number Using Recursion

Enter an positive integer: 6 Factorial of 6 = In the above program, suppose the user inputs a number 6. The number is passed to the factorial() function.

In this function, 6 is multiplied to the factorial of (6 - 1 = 5). For this, the number 5 is passed again to the factorial() function. If you are talking about a computer program, then you add a loop function, where the function will repeat itself over and over until you reach the value of n. First you multiply n with 1, then you multiply n*1 with 2, then n*1*2 with 3 until you reach n At this point, this will be your final calculation and it will result in 1*2*3* *(n-1)*n.

The factorial of a number be found using recursion also. The base case can be taken as the factorial of the number 0 or 1, both of which are 1. The factorial of some number n is that number multiplied by the factorial of (n-1).

Given below is a program which calculates the factorial of 7 using recursion. These while loops will calculate the Factorial of a number. In mathematics, the factorial of a number (that cannot be negative and must be an integer) n, denoted by n!, is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n.

For example: 5! is 5*4*3*2*1. C Program to Find Factorial of a Number. The factorial of a positive integer n is equal to 1*2*3* n.

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You will learn to calculate the factorial of a number using for loop in this example. To understand this example, you should have the knowledge of following C programming topics: C Programming Data Types.

C program to find factorial of a number Write a program to find factorial of any number multiplied
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