Writing a graphic score music

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Best Music Notation Software of 2018

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Graphic music scores - in pictures Graphic music scores - in pictures Wood, Wire comprised a series of performances from graphic scores that were photographs of inanimate objects, including.

Playing pictures: the wonder of graphic scores

Sep 03,  · Music Stuff With Spock #4: The use of graphic notation in some of my music. Episode 1 looked at my introduction to graphic scores in college and my first few attempts at graphic notation using picture, rhythmic and action based graphics.

Graphic scores serve a dual purpose: as well as looking beautiful, they explain abstract ideas about how the music should be played.

5 1/2 Examples of Experimental Music Notation

In this piece, written ineach line represents a different instrument, with the colours. If you can't resist your inner Beethoven and are writing music "in 1", consider using thicker bar lines to mark phrase divisions - this helps avoid players getting lost.

Graphic notation

Remember that once a portrait-oriented score is opened, it is wider than it is tall, so opening a landscape score makes for a doubly wide document.

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Writing a graphic score music
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The art of visualising music: graphic scores